There have been many internet “feuds” over the years. But none may be as funny as the current Springsteen v Kid Rock one currently dominating millions of people’s Twitter feeds.

Musically, the two are pretty far apart. Bruce Springsteen has relied on his “Jersey sound” and lyrics that celebrate working people, getting through hard times, and the promise of America.

Kid Rock has jumped from genre to genre — from hip hop to rock to countryish ballads that only have one common theme. That theme is almost always how cool and great Kid Rock is.

Politically, the two are miles apart. Springsteen has always been a pro-labor liberal while Rock’s current political leanings make some Republicans seem progressive.

Twitter users have been going tooth and nail trying to prove that their guy is the “good guy.”

Check out some of the highlights below, from both sides:

On many levels, there is no comparison. Springsteen has achieved heights in his career that Rock or 99.99% of musicians will never achieve. While Rock has had some success over 2 decades, Springsteen’s longevity dwarfs that by over double. His concert ticket sales and album sales are also way higher. Even today, if the two were to offer a concert at the same venue, it would be hard to argue that Springsteen could sell more tickets faster, and at a higher price — even in the twilight of his storied career.

Not that Rock’s career is “chump change.” He has had an enviable career that many musicians would sell their souls for. Politically, the music might be miles apart, but both artists have achieved heights that most will never come close to.

Of course, music is subjective. Everyone is free to listen to the music they prefer. That is one of the great things about music — that there really are no wrong answers. Great music is in the ears of the listener.

So, who wins in the Springsteen v Kid Rock war? In reality, no one. Music isn’t a war or even a competition. But sometimes, it is fun to debate things as if they mattered, as long as we don’t take it too far and remember that music is to be enjoyed — whatever one’s taste.