Even though he won the Georgia Republican Senate primary last week in part with the help of former President Donald Trump, former football star Herschel Walker attacked his political mentor Tuesday during an interview with Revolt TV host Michael Santiago Render (a.k.a. Killer Mike), suggesting that the reason he’s running is because God told him, not because Trump suggested the idea:

“One thing that people don’t know is is President Trump never asked me. I need to tell him that he never asked. I heard it all on television that he’s going to ask Herschel, saying Herschel is going to run.

“President Trump never came out and [said], ‘Herschel, will you run for that Senate seat?’ So, I’m mad at him because he never asked but he’s taking credit that he asked.”

And then Walker said God told him to try and become a senator:

“I prayed about it. And to be honest with you, I was praying that God would bring somebody else because I’m happy. My life is doing well.

“But I love the Lord Jesus.”

So now Walker wants us to believe that God speaks personally to him? That alone suggests that he might need to be on antipsychotic medication.

Twitter users also had some suggestions for Walker.

A week from now, will Walker even remember who Donald Trump is? Or his own name?

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