Yet another “family values” Republican lawmaker is embroiled in a scandal after a prominent real estate developer in South Carolina accused Rep. William Timmons (R-S.C.) of carrying on an affair with his wife and abusing his power to continue doing so.

Real estate developer Ron Rallis shares a child with now-estranged wife Paula Dhier. And the reason why they are estranged is that Dhier cheated on him with Timmons. Timmons also cheated on his wife of three years. In order to continue the affair, Timmons allegedly abused his power by conspiring with police and judges to have Rallis arrested on false charges and his movement restricted. Rallis could not even see his own daughter.

According to the Post & Courier:

The most serious allegation thus far, made by Rallis in his Instagram posts, is that Timmons influenced police and judges to have Rallis jailed on a kidnapping charge last year in an attempt to further an affair with Rallis’ estranged wife, socialite Paula Dhier.

The charges against Rallis were later expunged, but the damage was done. He is now taking the fight to Timmons in an effort to hold him accountable.

The accusations are serious and call into question Timmons’ fitness to continue serving in Congress. Of course, Timmons is refusing to talk about his personal life but isn’t exactly denying the allegations against him either.

“My wife and I do not comment on our personal lives because they’re private, and they should remain that way,” Timmons said on a radio show. “That said, we are experiencing challenges. We’re going through a difficult time. I regret anything I’ve ever done to let her down.”

Timmons is a hypocrite. The Supreme Court just overturned Roe v Wade and basically declared that Americans don’t have the right to privacy, yet Timmons expects his personal life to remain private. Sorry, but Timmons doesn’t have the right to privacy in this case. He’s a public official who campaigns on “family values.” He can’t carry on an extramarital affair and abuse his power to continue that affair and expect privacy. But he had the audacity to claim his personal life is just a “distraction.”

“This has been a distraction,” Timmons told another radio show. “I apologize my personal life is being made into a distraction, but we’re focused. We’re going to stay focused, and we’re going to keep America first, and we’re going to do everything we can to get this country back on track.”

This is not a distraction. It’s a serious act of misconduct by a public official and a breach of public trust. By all rights, Timmons should resign. He should also face prosecution.

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