Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said something during a debate with his Democratic challenger, Rep. Val Demings Tuesday evening that may well wind up being the most absurd and patently ridiculous thing anyone has heard in the 2022 midterm elections.

The two candidates were discussing the issue of Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis having agents arrest people for allegedly casting a ballot illegally as part of his election police force, which led Demings to remark:

“Florida has an election law police force. And if the laws are so wonderful, why, what’s the need for that? Florida also eliminated the number of drop boxes from 2020. Why do that, particularly in certain areas?

“Senator, your job is to make sure that every person votes. The ones who may vote for you, and the ones who may not vote for you. That is your responsibility. So if it’s so perfect, why the adjustments? We need to hold states accountable to make sure every person, although that scares the Senator to death, has the right, the precious right to cast their vote.”

That led Rubio to respond:

“Yeah. If I’m trying to suppress the vote, then I’m wasting a lot of money telling people to go out and vote, because that’s what my campaign has been all about.

“Number two, I’ve never supported any suppression effort. Listen, we’ve had laws in this state. How come all of a sudden a drop box is the standard by which we judge whether people are being allowed to vote or not? We didn’t have top boxes ten years ago. We didn’t have drop boxes in 2016 when the congresswoman was first elected to Congress. We didn’t have drop boxes in 2012, when Barack Obama won the state of Florida running for president. That’s a method of voting that doesn’t advantage one group or another.”

Ok, not too bad, though the senator hasn’t exactly addressed the fact that many states (such as Florida) passed new legislation making it much more difficult to vote absentee after the 2020 election.

But then Rubio went completely bizarro, suggesting that there was a very real physical danger to using drop boxes for voting, and it sounded more like the plot of a Road Runner-Wile E. Coyote cartoon than something a rational human being would utter:

“There’s danger involved in drop boxes. People need to think about it. Imagine someone decides, ‘Oh, there’s a drop box. I’m just going to put some explosive in it and blow it up and burn all of those ballots.’

“And now those votes don’t count at all.”

Explosive in a drop box? Has that happened even once in any state in this country? Sounds more like something they’d do in Russia or a cheap paperback novel.

But the best response to Rubio’s BS came from Demings, who noted:

“That’s nonsense.”

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