We have learned a lot since January 6th, 2021. The House committee tasked with finding answers after a violent coup attempt on that infamous day brought America dangerously close to losing their democracy forever have filled in many blanks. Most of it has centered around the defeated former President, the attorneys surrounding him, and key allies forming plans and enacting some of them in an attempt to seize power and deny the will of the voters. Those voters preferred Joe Biden by over seven million votes to Donald Trump.

But as the committee prepares their final report, along with possible criminal referrals to the Department of Justice, new texts sent to Trump’s Chief Of Staff, Mark Meadows, is showing that more than just a handful of Trump-loyal Republicans were not only o.k. with the defeated and twice impeached President using absolute power to seize power and eliminate democracy from our shores, some were downright eager for it to happen.

Furthermore, it clearly seems to reveal why Meadows fought a subpoena issued by the House committee and has remained mute on the subject ever since. But perhaps the committee didn’t really need more than the texts he turned over to the committee last summer as they not only show his involvement, but make it nearly impossible for some lawmakers to try to talk their way out of the support they gave towards the attempted coup.

It also might explain why former aides claim that Meadows destroyed evidence relating to January 6th.

Some of the highlights include one lawmaker, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC), saying Trump needed to declare “Marshall Law” (he misspelled “martial” but let us not focus on a typo) in order to “save” the American republic.

Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX), flat-out equated Trump’s loss with the end of the American republic. This was ironic considering what he was wishing for would actually mean the end of the American republic.

“Mark, When we lose Trump we lose our Republic,” he wrote to Meadows. “Fight like hell and find a way. We’re with you down here in Texas and refuse to live under a corrupt Marxist dictatorship. Liberty!”

Others, like Pennsylvania’s Mike Kelly, resorted to slurs and foul language.

“Let me know if there’s anything I can do to fight these MF’ers in Pa.?” he wrote to Meadows. “Our President is heroic !! Thank you for all you’ve done and please let the President know just how much he’s loved and appreciated in Pennsylvania!”

Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) sent Meadows a message pushing for Republican-led state legislatures to flat-out intervene on Trump’s behalf and nullify the voters and just declare him the winner. For a reference, he used Dick Morris, who hasn’t been right about anything in 30 years and counting.

“Dick Morris is saying State Leg can intervene and declare Trump winner,” he wrote. “NC, PA, MI, WI all have GOP Leg.”

Also notice that in Green’s text, he has no interest in appealing to Americans with any truths, just partisan Republicans who he believed could put the fix in and rig the win for Trump after voter nullification.

All of this is enough for most sane people to see what was going on behind the scenes after Joe Biden legitimately defeated Trump by over seven million votes in the 2020 election.

But wait, there’s more …

Hunter Walker, the reporter who initially broke the story, promised the Morning Joe hosts and audience that these examples are just that — examples.

As RawStory.com reported:

“We’re focused on members of Congress yesterday, but Meadows was engaging with people in local government, with right-wing activists, members of Congress, senators, House members,” Walker said. “This was a broad plot at every level of government and really every level of the Republican Party. We see dark-money groups, we see sort of street-level activists like Amy Kremer, and they were all, you know, working together on various plans to overturn the election.”

Walker continued — “There are hints in the messages that this log that Meadows provided to the select committee is incomplete, particularly in his exchanges with [Rep.] Scott Perry, he talks about moving over to Signal, an encrypted messaging app, and discussions that pop up out of nowhere and blatantly lack content.”

“I’ll break a little bit of news on ‘Morning Joe’ this morning,” he added. “I’m becoming aware of multiple instances that should be in the log if it was complete that are not there. What we’re seeing, you know, is a broad plot, particularly involving members of congress, deranged conspiracy theories, questionable legal logic and blatant authoritarianism, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

It is very possible, if not likely, that the American public is about to learn a whole lot more about how deep and wide the plot to nullify the vote, trash democracy, and install Trump as dictator actually was. We shall see for sure when the committee releases their full report and possible criminal referrals.