A hearing of the House Oversight Committee looking at the 2020 election “audit” in the state of Arizona quickly resulted in Republicans getting defensive while Democrats made it clear the so-called recount in the Grand Canyon State should more accurately be referred to as a “fraudit.”

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) noted that every recount and audit in every state that conducted one showed the same thing: Donald Trump lost badly to President Joe Biden and even though over 60 lawsuits had been filed charging corruption and fraud, every single one of them had been rejected by courts, including the Supreme Court, which passed on even hearing any of the dubious legal challenges:

“This audit rejected the claim that Donald Trump won in Arizona. I never understood members from Arizona challenging the election by which they themselves were elected in the same election. Yet, still, Mr. [Andy] Biggs can correct me if I am wrong, I hear him not even accepting the results of this audit who said that Joe Biden got more votes than were logically reported by the states.”

That led Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ) to interject:

“Will the gentleman yield? You called me out, would you like me to respond?”


“Yes, by all means, do you accept the results of this audit that stated that Joe Biden won and won by more votes?

Biggs falsely asserted that the audit didn’t reveal more votes for Biden (even though it did) and then asked if Raskin had read the final audit report from Arizona. To that Raskin responded:

“Who won the election, Mr. Biggs? Who won the election in Arizona?”

The Republican again told a blatant lie:

“We don’t know.”

Yes, we do indeed know. The report is clear on that point:

“The draft report shows that the hand recount found that President Joe Biden received 99 more votes than Maricopa County had reported after November’s election, while former President Donald Trump received 261 fewer votes than the county reported.”

Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden. All the audits in the world will never change that fact.

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