Anyone who has ever seen Greg Gutfeld on his own show or “The Five” on Fox News is familiar with his schtick. Gutfeld tries to be clever, ironic, and funny in his delivery of what he sees are the day’s most important and interesting headlines. By the end, he has usually failed at being clever, ironic, or funny and the stories he chooses often don’t even register as being important or interesting. And when he does choose an important or interesting story by mere chance, he usually covers it in a way that leaves the viewer a little less intelligent after witnessing Greg Gutfeld hack through his awkward coverage of it.

The latter was the case on his own show, “Gutfeld!” the frustrated stand-up tried to channel his inner Pete Davidson and harkened back to days when David Lee Roth was still the lead singer of Van Halen. He went out of his way to expose his own ignorance and disgust fellow Fox conservative and co-host, Katherine Timpf.

He began by showing that he wasn’t at all bothered that a 38-year-old teacher allegedly raped a 16-year-old student—he was just upset that she might go to jail for it.

“I’m sorry, come on! Sixteen years old? I would have died for that,” Gutfeld said during Monday’s edition of “Gutfeld!”

Katherine Timpf, one of Gutfeld’s co-hosts, disagreed.

“Again, I am vehemently against banging kids,” Timpf said. “I can’t believe how many times I’ve had to say that just sitting in this chair.”

Tracy Vanderhulst, a math teacher at Yucaipa High School in California who was awarded the title of the  school’s “teacher of the year” in 2017, was arrested and charged with statutory rape last Thursday after police said she slept with a 16-year-old student.

Authorities suspect that “there may be additional victims,” according to a news release.

But Gutfeld had no concern for the victim or possible victims on his Fox News show Monday. He was only  thinking about a Van Halen song.

“A 16-year-old boy with a hot teacher,” he said. “I mean, what was the Van Halen Song? ‘Hot For Teacher,’ that was written about this. It wasn’t about, ‘Hey, let’s have a responsible relationship with someone close to my age.’”

He went on to laud the teacher even further as a “hero”— because Gutfeld believes that all 16 year old boys yearn to be abused by a 38 year old authority.

“Am I right to say that it is an unfair comparison to do the female to male teacher? Like a male teacher, 38-year-old—creepy. Female—heroic,” Gutfeld said.

“You’re disgusting,” Timpf shot back.

And Timpf is hardly a “woke’ liberal. She bills herself as a libertarian conservative and has spoken from that perspective on Fox and everywhere else for years.

Of course, Gutfeld lacked the self awareness to realize that he was being a creep himself and tried to be funny — he failed.

“I don’t condone it, I just envy it,” Gutfeld finished by saying. “I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying, ‘Why not me?’”

Of course he condones it and it is obvious he envies it. And while he declares that he “isn’t saying it’s right” he totally is saying it is right and that the rapist is a “hero.”