Everybody gets it. Yes, the wheels of justice move slow. Cable news networks have to fill airtime. But yesterday, CNN “jumped the shark” trying to fill that airtime when John King and Dana Bash were “fascinated” by the fact that Jack Smith eats lunch.

What’s next? Will it be “breaking news” about how Jack Smith puts on his pants one leg at a time or brushes his teeth in a particular motion and that must be a message to Trump?

Here’s the hole the CNN hosts dove head 1st into yesterday:

JOHN KING: I’m fascinated to see what the special counsel brings forward, understandably, you focus on January 6 because of the violence that day, because it played out again, an attempted coup right before our eyes.

But the case they are trying to make, if you listen to the witnesses, people who were at Donald Trump’s side in the campaign, in the White House in the weeks after, is that this all actually started before the election when they said if we lose, we are going to say we won.

And so it’s really interesting to see how big of a case does Smith want to bring. And just one last point. Jack Smith, remember when the classified documents target letter, when Trump announced that there’s a lot of commentary, you know, is Jack Smith making a mistake here? In leaving this all to Donald Trump?

And then they released the indictment and we all said, wow! Wow! We read it. We saw the documentation, we saw the level of detail.

Jack Smith going to Subway today is a message to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump tries to intimidate people. He tries to bully people. He tries to scare you away.

That was Jack Smith, with no words and a simple $5 sub in his hand, saying I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.

DANA BASH: Yeah, the imagery was, was intentional and spoke volumes.

No, the imagery was not intentional and it spoke nothing. Jack Smith eats lunch. Jack Smith decided a frugal Subway sub would be his choice. What message would it have sent if he got a value meal at McDonalds or Wendy’s? What clear message would a KFC pot pie send? How bout a hot dog from a street vendor?

Please CNN, there’s plenty of other news to cover while Jack Smith works his case in Florida. How bout covering some of it instead of this nonsense? When Jack Smith makes a move that is actually meaningful, there is no doubt it will be out there to be reported on. Let the man eat his lunch in peace.

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