The coronavirus, despite President Donald Trump telling his cult that it’s a hoax perpetrated by Democrats, apparently had been contracted by someone who attended CPAC, who also interacted with CPAC chief Matt Schlapp, who shook Trump’s hand at the end of the event.

The American Conservative Union released a statement on Friday announcing that an attendee had tested positive for the virus and had been exposed to it prior to attending the conference. The statement stressed that the person did not interact with Trump and was not present inside the main hall.

However, Matt Schlapp did interact with the attendee. His wife works inside the White House and he certainly is close to many top Republicans, many of whom attended CPAC this year, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pence.

According to a Washington Post reporter, Schlapp also shook hands with Trump at the end of the conference.

Schlapp had refused to cancel the event this year despite the coronavirus threat.

Trump has been insisting that the virus has been contained, but that is clearly not the case. There are now over 400 cases in the United States and 19 people have died. And because Trump responded poorly to the outbreak, our nation also has the highest mortality rate.

You know what else may have contracted the virus at CPAC? The American flag. After all, Trump dry humped it after his speech and groped it with the same hand he used to shake hands with Schlapp.

Perhaps Trump got lucky and didn’t contract the virus, but the fact that the attendee had it and didn’t know it and interacted with just one person who could have spread it to others makes the case for why this outbreak should have been treated seriously from the start.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot