Proving that she may well be one of the biggest hypocrites on the face of the planet, former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany went on Fox News Sunday morning and whined that Jen Psaki, who currently serves as press secretary in the Biden administration, is using “misinformation” to make the administration’s push for Americans to get vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” McEnany was asked by co-host Pete Hegseth:

“You have such unique perspective having stood at that podium. What’s it like to watch Jen Psaki stand there and openly state we are working with Facebook? At one of the press conferences with the surgeon general, they used the phrase ‘misinformation’ 35 times over the course of that briefing.

“Can you imagine a counterargument where you would stand up there and say because of misinformation, whether it’s on the life issue or Second Amendment, we’re going to suppress views from the left because we’re going to call them misinformation? I mean, it’s Orwellian. And it’s happening right out in front of our eyes.”

Orwellian? Kind of like the way McEnany and her former boss, Donald Trump, repeatedly told the American public and press that coronavirus would disappear when warmer weather arrived?

McEnany replied:

“Imagine if I had stood at that podium, Pete, and said we’re censoring the lies about Lafayette Square that President Trump gassed protesters for a photoshoot. That never happened. Imagine if I had said we’re censoring that. We’re censoring information that, you know, doesn’t agree with the [COVID-19] lab leak theory. We’re censoring information on Russia bounties. All those things were lies!”

The problem, of course, is that the Trump administration lied about the Lafayette Square incident, COVID-19, and the Russian bounties on U.S. troops. Lying is a form of censorship because it’s meant to obfuscate the truth and keep people in the dark.

But that’s not all the nonsense McEnany had loaded up for the Fox audience. She added this:

“But guess what? In this country there’s the First Amendment. You’re allowed to say what you want with very few exceptions. I would have never said that from the podium. She got her administration in a lot of legal trouble. I’m telling you this.

“I just tried to make sure I said everything accurately. She’s managed to stumble into a legal morass and I guarantee you there are a few people at the DOJ, at social media who are very unhappy with the things that were said at that podium.”

McEnany almost never held press briefings (Psaki holds one every day) and the former press secretary lied more often than she breathed.

Do us all a favor, Kaleigh: Don’t try to gaslight us with your nonsense. Nothing you say is true, which means we have never and will never believe a word you say.

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