President Donald Trump absurdly insisted that he is currently leading former Vice President Joe Biden in most of the swing states, drawing howls of laughter and a humiliating fact-check.

With just 81 days until the election on November 3rd, Democrats are now more energized than ever after Biden announced that Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is his running mate, a scenario Trump and his team feared the most and are having a difficult time countering.

Biden’s poll numbers are only improving, but Trump took to Twitter to claim without offering any evidence that he leads in most swing states and has a 96 percent approval rating among Republicans.

The problem is that one only needs to use Google to look at a multitude of polls, and they all show Biden leading Trump in most battleground states, including a 6-point lead in Florida at 50 to 44 percent, a 5-point lead in Michigan at 48 to 43 percent, and 4-point leads in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin at 48 to 44 percent and 47 to 43 percent.

These are all states that Trump won in 2016. In addition, Biden leads in Arizona and is in a statistical tie with Trump in Texas.

Even Trump’s internal campaign polls show him losing to Biden.

Twitter users pointed out the real poll numbers and mocked Trump.

Trump is either delusional or in complete denial. And whining about the polls is not going to help him close the gaps.

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