According to Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy, the real reason medical and public health experts are urging children to wear protective masks is so kids can be indoctrinated into “submission and compliance” to the government as soon as possible.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning, Campos-Duffy spun one hell of a conspiracy theory, attempting to suggest that China has always demanded submission from its citizens:

“We know China has used Covid-19 to reinforce control overpopulation because communism requires submission and compliance. I’m worried because so many of the rules that even my children — who are going to school — I see them wear masks outside when I pick them up.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Campos-Duffy then spouted off all sorts of fake information about how COVID-19 is less dangerous than influenza and cannot be spread to by kids, despite evidence to the contrary:

“I feel like some of the things we are doing to them is cruel. I think that it is reinforcing submission to government and it’s creating a lot more fear than is necessary for children who we know are not super-spreaders and have more of a chance of dying of the flu than they are of Covid. I’m just very worried about this. I want us, Ainsley, to come out of this pandemic looking like Americans. Not Chinese. And we need to keep that in mind that these rules that we have, this environment that we are creating, is affecting childhoods. And it’s affecting the formation of our children.”

Wow! That’s a whole lot of anti-China hatred. It’s also an outright lie to suggest that having kids wear masks will somehow affect the “formation of our children.” Based on what Ms. Campos-Duffy recommends, we should all just go about our business and let the virus spread far and wide until we reach herd immunity, which scientific models suggest would result in the death of 2 to 3 million Americans.

Conservatives and others aligned with the failed COVID containment policies of the Trump administration are bound and determined to pretend that everything is fine, even though the death toll continues to rise. For the good of our children and our nation, we have to vote every last one of them out of office and do what must be done to defeat the pandemic.

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