Outgoing President Donald Trump pretended to give a damn about America’s veterans one last time, but failed because he couldn’t bear not to make Veterans Day about himself.

It took hours into Veterans Day before Trump finally issued a proclamation and posted it on Twitter because he spent much of the morning whining about the election and repeating debunked claims of voter fraud.

But when he finally got around to it, he posted a link with an image of himself as the main focus with veterans serving as mere background props.

“As Commander in Chief, I have relentlessly fought to support America’s veterans,” Trump laughably declared. “For far too long, our Government had not fully met its obligation to provide for “him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan.” I recognize that this country and its people are duty-bound to care for our exceptional veterans, their families, and their survivors. That is why, throughout my time in office, I have worked tirelessly to improve the health, welfare, and economic prosperity of these treasured people.”

Trump went on to brag about everything he has supposedly done for the troops, clearly making the proclamation more about him than about the men and women who have risked their lives for our country.

As we all know, Trump has been desperate to be identified as a hero to the troops. But we also all know that Trump dodged the draft five times to avoid military service during the Vietnam War. And his words and actions since taking office have made it clear that Trump really does not respect the troops at all, including the time he called them “losers” and “suckers” after he refused to visit a World War I cemetery in France where thousands of American Marines are buried.

Trump has also disparaged disabled veterans, wants to use the military to attack American citizens, and has insulted and bullied former and current military officials for criticizing him.

In addition, Trump has also directly attacked the military by accusing them of committing voter fraud because many of our troops vote by mail, an election method Trump is trying to demonize. Polls consistently show that the military disapproves of Trump.

The bottom line is that every time Trump has a chance to truly honor our veterans and active-duty troops, he makes it all about himself. That’s something that will definitely change when President-Elect Joe Biden takes office in January. Then our troops will have a real commander-in-chief they can feel proud to salute.

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