Outgoing President Donald Trump threw a temper tantrum like a petulant child late Friday night and continued into Saturday morning because his scheme to use the Supreme Court to overturn the election results went down in flames.

Upon hearing that the Supreme Court had shot him down for the second time, Trump actually pouted and refused to come out of his bedroom to join his guests at the White House COVID Christmas party.

While in there, Trump decided to whine on Twitter.

Then Trump threw himself a pity party and called on his supporters to “fight on” in what really seems to be an incitement of violence since Trump has no legal options left.

Trump did receive 73 million votes, but President-Elect Joe Biden received 80 million votes, thus beating Trump by 7 million votes. That’s an indisputable victory that has been backed up repeatedly by multiple recounts and court decisions at the state and federal level.

Trump then attacked the seven Justices who outright threw the case out.

Except that Alito and Thomas also said they would not have granted any relief anyway, so Trump would have lost the case 9-0 even if it had been heard, which was unnecessary because even the lawsuit admitted there is no evidence of election fraud.

Trump concluded his hissy fit by falsely insisting that he won by a “landslide.”

Again, not true. Biden won 7 million more votes than Trump and received 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232. That’s the real landslide victory. No amount of pretending otherwise will change that outcome. Trump is done, but it looks like he’ll really have to be dragged out on Inauguration Day.

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