Even after Congress inevitably certifies President-Elect Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory, outgoing President Donald Trump reportedly intends to continue trying to stay in power as his supporters hope to stage a violent coup on January 6th.

At least 140 House Republicans and a handful of Republicans in the Senate plan to object to the certification of the election results in support of Trump’s debunked election fraud allegations. The scheme to overturn the election amounts to sedition, and will fail. But Trump has been promoting a staged protest in Washington DC on the same day in a desperate ploy to pressure other Republicans to join the coup.

And now Trump is preparing to continue scheming to stay in power despite Congress certifying Biden’s win.

According to The Daily Beast:

Two people familiar with the matter say that in recent days, Trump has told advisers and close associates that he wants to keep fighting in court past Jan. 6 if members of Congress, as expected, end up certifying the electoral college results.

“The way he sees it is: Why should I ever let this go?… How would that benefit me?” said one of the sources, who’s spoken to Trump at length about the post-election activities to nullify his Democratic opponent’s decisive victory.

Again, this is a complete repudiation of the Constitution and democracy, a violation of the oath of office Trump recited four years ago. He lost the election fair and square and has not provided a shred of evidence proving his allegations of election fraud. That’s the reason why he has lost 60 court cases in the last two months, including two in the Supreme Court.

Trump could very well refuse to leave office on January 20th, the result being that Biden would have to order him evicted and dragged out by law enforcement, a spectacle that millions of Americans would love to witness.

But Trump is also apparently inquiring about using the military to incite violence by his supporters.

The president’s exact plans for the Jan. 6 events remain unclear, and it has been common for him to lend his support to these rallies or protests via enthusiastic-sounding tweets, only to then stop short of doing much else. Since last week, Trump has asked certain aides and allies what they think would be good ideas for him to mark the occasion, such as a speech, a flyover, or a recorded video, the sources said.

Many of the participants planning to attend the January 6th rally have suggested they will attempt to block Democrats and moderate Republicans from reaching the Capitol Building by blocking streets. Others have suggested killing police officers who stand in their way and storming Congress.

Such a flyover would suggest to Trump’s protesters that they have military support. Surely, the military would refuse to obey this order since the military should not be appearing to endorse a coup of any kind.

Indeed, it could embolden Trump’s supporters to commit violent acts. The military must take a stand against Trump’s desire to use them in any way as part of his scheme to stay in power.

The next three weeks could very well be the most dangerous weeks in American history. Democracy and the Constitution itself are under threat from a wannabe dictator who is literally planning to lock himself inside the White House like a petulant child who locks themselves in the bathroom and won’t come out until they get their way. There needs to be consequences for everyone involved in this treasonous temper tantrum.

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