Regardless of whether disgraced former President Donald Trump is convicted in his Senate impeachment trial or not, he faces being prosecuted for the murder of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, a victim of the Capitol insurrection Trump incited last month.

Sicknick was brutally murdered by Trump supporters as they stormed the Capitol in an effort to overthrow democracy and install Trump as dictator. The terrorists intended to assassinate lawmakers as well.

His supporters only stormed the Capitol after Trump told them to go there and fight to “stop the steal,” a reference to Trump’s big lie that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged and rife with mass election fraud to help current President Joe Biden win.

Biden’s election was legitimate and there is zero evidence of fraud.

But Trump refused to concede defeat and watched with glee as his supporters attacked the Capitol on his behalf to help him stay in power.

Many crimes, including murder, were committed by the insurrectionists. And that’s why former United States Army prosecutor Glenn Kirschner is confident that Trump can be prosecuted.

“I think it is real if the Department of Justice gets a confirmed Attorney General in Merrick Garland and do a deep dive into the culpability for what went on January 6th,” Kirschner said. “We’re in the middle of an impeachment trial. The only thing we are discussing is whether Donald Trump incited an insurrection but in a real sense this is a murder trial because Donald Trump, he set that angry mob on the Capitol, told them to do one thing, fight, stop the steal and fight.”

“Those words, the natural and probable consequences of those words — call me silly — was that the mob would go down there and fight to stop the steal,” Kirschner continued. “Of course there was no steal, which means he launched the attack from a platform of fraud. Here’s the thing, it is a murder trial. Brian Sicknick was killed by the angry mob. In a court of law there’s a thing called the felony murder rule. I contend Donald Trump committed the felony of inciting an insurrection and the legal consequences that flow from that is Donald Trump would be held criminally liable for any crimes that resulted like the murder of Brian Sicknick.

“So I could see a grand jury look at the evidence and hold Donald Trump or indict Donald Trump not only for the insurrection but all crimes that flowed therefrom like the murder of Brian Sicknick,” he concluded.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Merrick Garland, whose confirmation as Attorney General has been delayed by Senate Republicans, is a seasoned prosecutor who has experience dealing with right-wing domestic terrorists. Just ask Timothy McVeigh, who committed the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. Wait, we can’t, because he was convicted, imprisoned, and executed for his crimes. Trump should also face consequences for his own.

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