Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) loves the military so much that he couldn’t even bother to make sure he mentioned the correct war a fallen soldier fought in before rushing to use the hero’s remains as a prop on Twitter.

Republicans are already under fire for demonstrating that they really don’t respect the military. After all, they are currently attacking the military for supposedly being “woke” and valuing diversity. Just ask Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.).

Back in February, the remains of Navy Fireman 2nd Class Carl Bradley were officially identified at Pearl Harbor after 80 years and an announcement made that his remains would be returned and laid to rest in his home state of Idaho.

Bradley was killed during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, while serving aboard the USS Oklahoma. The ship capsized because of the attack, killing 429 sailors. The attack forced the United States to enter World War II.

On Saturday, Crapo “remembered” Bradley by writing that he served in the Vietnam War (1955-1975) only to somehow die 14 years earlier at Pearl Harbor.

“Today, Navy Fireman 2nd Class Carl Bradley returned to rest in Shelley. He left Idaho to serve in the Vietnam War. He was killed in action aboard the USS Oklahoma in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, & his remains found earlier this year. May we remember his eternal sacrifice,” Crapo said.

Crapo would go on to delete and re-post a fixed version of his tweet. But that didn’t stop the mockery because the Internet is forever.

Seriously, Republicans should be required to pass history and science tests in order to serve in public office.

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