A Tennessee man who participated in the Capitol insurrection insisted that the mob of terrorists who stormed the building to overthrow democracy on January 6th were “peaceful” after the FBI raided his home.

Hundreds of Trump supporters violently stormed the Capitol that day to prevent the results of the 2020 Election from being certified by the House and Senate. They even intended to assassinate lawmakers.

Police officers were brutally assaulted by the mob, who were armed with an assortment of weapons, including firearms, knives, zip-ties, and pipe bombs. Windows were smashed. Offices were broken into. They intended to install disgraced Florida retiree Donald Trump as a dictator despite losing the election to President Joe Biden by seven million votes. The Electoral College vote was even more definitive.

But despite the violence and numerous crimes being caught on video, Cliff Meteer insisted that it was a “peaceful” gathering and that the police officers just let them in the building.

“Everybody was peaceful,” Meteer told Knoxville’s ABC affiliate station. “OK, first of all, the doors were open. Capitol police were standing right there letting people in. Inside the Capitol building, it was a peaceful process. I never saw anything that constituted any kind of a riot.”

Again, video evidence tells a far different story and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Meteer is simply copying Republican talking points in a desperate ploy to spin the events that unfolded that day.

Meteer’s own Facebook rantings about his unlawful entry into the Capitol make it pretty clear this was a violent insurrection.

“I was there. Storming the Bastille,” he wrote. The Bastille was a French prison that was violently stormed by a crowd in 1789 killing 98 people.

“No riot,” Meteer insisted. “Trump Lives Matter. I was right where our honored veteran was viciously assassinated.”

Of course, he’s talking about Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by police as she tried to force her way inside the House chamber where lawmakers were still being evacuated. She was a terrorist and was not assassinated, but justifiably killed.

“Dems protest by looting Walmart; (Republicans) protest by ‘petitioning’ congress,” he continued on Facebook. “And their answer is a modern day Boston massacre. Murder case (i)n the capital building. Trump lives matter. The democrat stealing the election is the cause of loyal citizens storming the Bastille. That’s Our house. They don’t get to disregard our vote. I saw no violence. I saw no destruction. Are you surprised the media is distorting reality?”

Again, there are thousands of hours of video footage both inside and outside the Capitol showing the mob violently storming the building and fanning out inside in search of the Senate and House chambers and lawmakers’ offices to destroy election materials and kill any lawmakers they could find. These people were not “loyal citizens” and their votes were not “disregarded” in any way. Their guy lost and they could not handle it. If they were really “petitioning” Congress they simply would have delivered an actual petition with signatures on it. That’s absolutely not what happened.

In further response to the news outlet, Meteer attacked the courts.

“We weren’t being afforded our natural rights,” he absurdly claimed. “We weren’t being afforded the right to present our case in front of a court of law with a jury of our peers to determine whether or not our suspicions were correct or wrong. You know, our rights were stolen from us. … I was there for myself, my own reasons, you know, there was no coordination. with anybody or anything. It’s just my obligations as an American citizen to protest what I see as a great wrong being done on the people of the United States.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

No rights were stolen from these people. They had the chance to present evidence in courts across the country but provided none to justify their cases moving forward. That’s what preliminary hearings are for. But judges, including those appointed by Trump, dismissed at least 60 cases because there was no evidence of actual election fraud presented.

Multiple recounts have found no fraud and have only confirmed the results. Even experts hired by Trump supporters have found no evidence of fraud.

Rather than accept the reality that their boy is a loser, they decided to launch a terrorist attack against the Capitol in an attempt to overthrow democracy and invalidate the votes and violate the rights of over 80 million Americans who voted for Biden. Meteer appeared in court and was released on Tuesday pending another court hearing this month, but he really should be sitting in a prison cell with the rest of the un-American garbage he joined that day.

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