According to Eric Trump, whose father was probably the most immoral man to ever be elected to any office in this country’s 245-year history, Democrats hate the United States and “stopped believing in God long ago.”

During an interview with right-wing “news” outlet American Faith, Eric made it sound as if everyone who belongs to the Democratic Party is a bomb-throwing atheist:

“I’m telling you, there’s nowhere like the United States of America. Now, you do have a party that’s hellbent on trying to kill our ways of life. They’re trying to kill our traditions, they’re trying to kill our history. They’re trying to tear apart the fabric of this country. They stopped believing in God a long time ago. They stopped believing in family values a long time ago. And those are all things that, frankly, made America America and made America great.”

That’s a bold statement coming from the son of a man who has been married three times and cheated on all three of his wives when he wasn’t busy lusting after his own daughter when she was 13.

Eric is also the brother of Donald Trump Jr., who cheated on the mother of his five children and is now shacked up with accused sexual harasser Kimberly Guilfoyle, which is the very definition of adultery, which is supposed to be a sin according to Christians.

In other words, those who live in glass penthouses shouldn’t be throwing stones at others, as Twitter users were quick to remind Eric: