Even though they continue to cling to the belief that the major governments of the world are controlled by cannibalistic pedophiles and are convinced that John F. Kennedy Jr. is going to be resurrected in time to run as VP for Donald Trump in the 2024 election, QAnon members are insisting that they don’t want the “conspiracy nutters” from the flat-Earth contingency to join their ranks.

Will Sommer and Asawin Suebsaeng of The Daily Beast recently interviewed Kelly Weill about her new book Off the Edge: Flat Earthers, conspiracy culture, and why people will believe anything, and were surprised to learn that the QAnon faithful don’t want flat-Earthers to be a part of their cult.

Weill explained how she got the idea for her book and what she discovered as she began to do research for it:

“I thought flat-earth was an interesting parable about how people can believe anything. There are other conspiracy theories that are more ‘reality-adjacent’ and that it’s easy to walk through the path of how someone got to the conclusion, based on their political beliefs. But flat earth seemed so out there that I wanted to understand it better.”

Since both are based on conspiracy theories with no basis in reality, you’d think the QAnon folks would be copacetic with the flat-Earth gang, but that’s not true, Weill continued, recalling that she saw two QAnon members selling jewelry at a flat-Earth convention, with one of the Q members scoffing at the idea of the planet being flat:

“Of course, the Earth is round. We’re not those conspiracy nutters!”

Nah, the Q crowd is merely drinking a caustic bleach compound from a communal bowl in Dallas as they await the return of former President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in the the Texas city back in 1963. But they aren’t “nutters,” don’t ya know. What an insult it is to be compared to such simpletons!

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