According to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). the “number one requirement” for anyone serving in the US military should be that they possess “toxic masculinity” because that’s what makes great fighters.

During an appearance on Graham Allen’s Dear America podcast, Greene bemoaned what she said was the loss of potential recruits into the armed forces, Mediaite reports:

“They’ve purged the military. They’ve purged the military.”

Allen, who is a veteran, agreed, remarking, “The warriors are leaving.”

That led Greene to add:

“Absolutely. Why do they want to be there? They’re going through woke training. Their toxic masculinity is completely not accepted, even though what are the military for? I would think toxic masculinity would be a number one requirement.”

Additionally, Greene suggested that COVID-19 vaccine mandates are also leading people to leave the military:

“Of course they’re leaving,”

What needs to happen, Greene suggested, is for the military to ask one question:

“They should be like, ‘Are you a toxic male? Please sign up.'”

Of course, what Congresswoman Greene failed to mention is that thousands of highly motivated and expertly trained women are also members of the military and do superb work in key roles that are essential to military preparedness,  and their numbers are increasing each year, as the Pew Research Center points out:

“Since 1973, when the United States military ended conscription and established an allv olunteer force, the number of women serving on active duty has risen dramatically. The share of women among the enlisted ranks has increased seven-fold, from 2% to 14%, and the share among commissioned officers has quadrupled, from 4% to 16%.”

As for Greene’s call that “toxic masculinity” be a prerequisite for military service, that just proves how utterly clueless she is regarding American armed forces.

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