If you thought the search of Mar-a-Lago was only embarrassing for ex-president Donald Trump and members of his family, then read on and you’ll learn how a sitting U.S. senator is also being exposed in a different way as a result of what the FBI did on Monday in Palm Beach.

Just last month, a new account showed up on Twitter with the name Based Mike Lee. Mike Lee, in case you don’t know, is the senior senator from the state of Utah, and was not known to have anything other than an official government Twitter account.

And yet, when the search of Trump’s golf club was carried about, Lee didn’t tweet a peep about the event, which is odd since nearly all of his Republican colleagues did. But another account with this name attached did.

Amanda Terkel of HuffPost reports:

If you were unsure whether it’s him, it has an old picture of Lee. The bio says, “I’m a U.S. senator from Utah,” and it’s clearly not the account of Sen. Mitt Romney, the other senator from Utah. (Also, Romney’s secret Twitter account was already outed in 2019, and it was not called Based Mike Lee.)

The Salt Lake Tribune recently reported a source close to Lee said it is his personal Twitter account, which the senator’s office confirmed to HuffPost Wednesday.

“Based,” it should be noted, is internet slang and the opposite of “woke,” a favorite term of right-wingers who believe you should be able to say and do just about anything — no matter how offensive — because political correctness is out of control, or so they claim.

As you’d expect, Based Mike Lee is much the same as the senator, and he isn’t tweeting anything particularly offensive or controversial, though he does at times make a fool of himself by trying to pretend he’s cool, which he clearly isn’t. Take a look:

For those still confused, here’s a quick summary: Mike Lee is pretending to be someone he isn’t by being himself with a stupid Twitter account name.

In other words, Mike Lee is just as pathetic as he always was, but in his mind he’s got us all fooled.

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