James Dean was a rebel without a cause. Miami “government accountability activist” Rafael Antonio Gomez is a rebel without a clue. Clueless to the fact that he has become what intelligence experts call a “useful idiot.” Unfortunately, he is just one of many now.

Gomez, a pro-Trump “activist” has made a minor name for himself being rude to police officers and anyone else he can find. Most of it has no point, and it has gotten to the point where even people who have supported his work and done their own activism regarding the 1st Amendment to the Constitution and the concept of “free speech” that it embodies have frowned on his “activism.” 

On Tuesday, Gomez spoke at a Miami Commissioner’s meeting and showed how utterly shameless and clueless he is in his feeble quest for fame.

First, he rose to speak before an agenda item was about to be voted on. It didn’t matter to Gomez what the item was, he was there to tell them to vote against it — with literally no cause or reason whatsoever.

“We can’t trust you people,” he insisted. “We can’t trust Republicans; we can’t trust Democrats. I don’t know what it is. Just don’t vote on it.”

“Everything you people do is bad, and now we’re going to have a moment of silence,” he said.

After that moment of silence, Gomez, with his phone camera mounted in front of him to catch his rising “star” ascending, showed where his loyalties lie.

“Long live Trump; long live Putin; long live DeSantis,” he said. “And all you people should be thrown in jail.”

Apparently, they should be thrown in jail for not being Trump, DeSantis, or Putin. No other reason was given.

Unfortunately for sane Americans, this type of attitude is all too prevalent. Gomez is hardly alone in giving praise, or at least giving a pass to Vladimir Putin, who has proven himself to be no friend of the United States time and time again. Furthermore, Gomez isn’t alone in lumping together Trump, DeSantis, and Putin in some unholy trinity kind of way.

DeSantis himself lumped them all together last year in an effort to blast President Joe Biden. DeSantis remarked that when Trump was POTUS that Putin didn’t invade Ukraine inferring that when people like Trump, himself, and Putin are in charge, all is well and peace is here on Earth. A sentiment that any Sith Lord would be proud of. 

Trump himself has a long history of praising the Russian dictator to the point where many Americans referred to him as “Putin’s puppet” during his term in office. That praise still continues even after he has left office.

And of course, it is also well known that Putin likes to praise and pat Trump on the head whenever he gets the opportunity. Something he has been doing since before Trump was President. Russian state media also likes to lavish praise on Trump like a puppy who fetched the ball as well. That is, when they aren’t pointing out how much Trump is in their leader’s pocket. 

So, when a “government accountability activist” like Raphael Antonio Gomez says the clueless and outrageous things he says, folks should remember he isn’t some lone wolf mental patient out there on a limb but rather just doing what his masters want him to do for their benefit. He is a useful idiot.

The Putin plan, with complicit people like Trump and DeSantis, is going quite well by that measure. Americans turning their back on America and praising the Russian dictator. Americans like Raphael Antonio Gomez condemning county commissioners even when they don’t know what they are condemning except for the fact that the commissioners aren’t named DeSantis, Trump, or even Putin.

The propaganda they were exposed to worked. And again, Gomez isn’t a lone wolf or anything of the sort. He is the embodiment of MAGA, QAnon, and everything that could destroy America from within. Just like Vladimir Putin wants.

You can see Gomez do Putin/Trump/DeSantis’s bidding at the Miami-Dade commissioner’s meeting below …