The Daily Show just exposed Fox in a way no cable or network news probably isn’t even capable of. Using clips from the hit show, The Last of Us and mashing it up with various Fox personalities’ own words, the Daily Show exposed the cable “news” network’s obsession with “woke.”

Check out the mash-up with Fox’s personalities spreading fear about “the woke mind virus” below:

Let us be clear. Fox News doesn’t sell news, it sells fear. Let us be really clear. Fox doesn’t sell fear based on facts. It sells fear based on buzzwords manufactured to strike fear into the hearts and minds of their already skittish audience. Whether it be the government coming for your guns, your Bible, your gas stove, or anything they can dream up, Fox can always imagine a scenario where their audience is a helpless victim vs the forces of their made-up evil.

The ironic thing is, if any of what Fox claims was actually true, the world where The Last of Us takes place would be a paradise compared to the kind of fear, doom, and gloom they sell.

The fear selling network has cleverly marketed anything they want their audience to fear as “woke.” Regardless of anything Fox is or isn’t, one has to concede they are masters of marketing propaganda.

Wokeness is essentially defined as anyone having any empathy, compassion, or tolerance for anyone else. Unless you are a loud mouthed, foul, and probably a white person who longs for the days when blacks, women, gays, immigrants, and anyone or anything else they want their audience to fear are militantly shunned and “put in their place” — you are “woke.”

If you still believe that Archie Bunker made some really good points in the sitcom, All In The Family, and wasn’t, as the show actually intended, a buffoon who learned a valuable lesson almost every episode —  Fox has a new “woke” thing to condemn and fear for you just about every single day.

Things that they list as woke or infected with the “woke mind virus” like we live in the post-apocalyptic The Last of Us, include — M&Ms, My Little Pony, X-Box, any college not under Ron DeSantis’s control, CBS, Minnie Mouse, American Girl dolls, anyone who doesn’t want to be burnt to a crisp by the sun, Pizza Hut, Microsoft, the military, United Airlines, white people who don’t like minorities to be summarily executed by police, CVS, people who choose an electric stove, and any man who doesn’t identify as a toxic “alpha.”

Basically, anything that doesn’t get a thumbs up from Fox, is woke.