Hunter Biden’s Laptop!!! Biden Crime Family!!! Burisma!!! We have a whistleblower!!!

These have been the cries of MAGA Republicans for years now. They claim they have the goods on Biden and his nefarious “crime family” where they have Joe playing the role of Vito Corleone or Tony Soprano. They have “whistleblowers” and documented proof, but no one can see it, of course.

Americans who either have an actual memory or refuse to just be willfully ignorant know that the whole Hunter Biden laptop controversy came up during the Trump administration. In 2019, Bill Barr got the infamous laptop and MAGA Americans were promised justice. It was the smoking gun that would expose Joe Biden, who was rated the Senate’s poorest Senator throughout his tenure to really be a secret billionaire crime boss, one that makes Al Capone look like a model citizen. They were gonna expose Biden, who took the mass transit train from Wilmington, Delaware to Washington D.C. weekly, and often daily during his Senate career. They would expose him for the criminal he really is.

But then, they never did. Yes, Hunter was hardly a model person. He struggled with substance abuse and probably did benefit unfairly using his father’s name. But nepotism isn’t a crime, and neither is name dropping, something just about every person on the planet does, when given the opportunity.

Eventually, Barr’s DOJ did find something — some tax discrepancies. Those were cleared up, just like many in similar situations do. About the only other thing anyone found on the laptop were some risqué pictures of private parts. A little disgusting, but on its face, not a crime. And no one ever showed one iota of evidence he was sending pics out to underage girls or boys. If they had, we would have heard about it a long time ago.

A few weeks ago, James Comer and Chuck Grassley started floating some stuff about a “whistleblower” that had that smoking gun on Joe Biden. There were tapes, there was proof, they insisted on every news show that would entertain their presence.

There was only one problem, they couldn’t find that whistleblower. Furthermore, they refused to give up any information about who they might be or what exactly they could prove. Everything was vague and shadowy. But gosh darn it, they had the goods, and everyone should just take them at their word and prepare Joe and family for a perp walk. Even Fox called their bluff on that one.

Then the backtracking started.

Senator Ron Johnson told Newsmax that there weren’t really tapes. We all must be experiencing some sort of “Mandela Effect” according to Johnson. No one said that there were tapes (except that they did).

And now, Rudy Giuliani has taken the walk back to a run and thrown in some inference of a “conspiracy” preventing them from finally nailing the Corleone, errr … I mean Biden family.

Giuliani is claiming that the unnamed whistleblower is dead. Furthermore, Giuliani implies that this “was the plan” all along.

“They were hoping that the people would just disappear or die,” Giuliani barked. “It’s extraordinary. I gave them one witness that any investigator would jump through hoops to get to. Gave them a witness who was a woman, she was the chief accountant at this crooked company Burisma. She was the wife of the former owner, who died under suspicious circumstances. And she was willing to give up all of the off-shore bank accounts. Including the Bidens.”

So, what Giuliani is saying is that Bill Barr, Trump’s obedient Attorney General, was really working for the Democrats, and that dang ole “Biden Crime Family” all along.

Check out the clip below, then the story will continue below that …

The “owner” he is probably talking about is the wife of Mykola Lisin. Lisin co-founded Burisma with Mykola Zlochevsky. The problem is Lisin died in 2011, before Giuliani went to Ukraine to start digging up dirt on Biden. In fact, 2011 is well before Biden ever went to Ukraine and before Hunter Biden was named to the Burisma board.

The so-called “suspicious circumstances” were a car accident. Zlochevsky was the co-founder that a corrupt prosecutor was investigating.

Fox’s Sean Hannity did a report to the story, but that page suddenly disappeared from his website. A cache shows the source was a site linked to the fake news publisher News Punch. Their soul and only source is Giuliani. The report doesn’t say her name or cause of death. It has an icon at the top reading “fact-checked.”

Perhaps the Dominion lawsuit caused Hannity and Fox to run away from this latest conspiracy theory as fast as humanly possible.

In any case, once again, the noise the MAGA crowd loves to make about Hunter’s laptop and how they have the goods on Joe and his criminal empire have been exposed to be as fraudulent as Trump’s university and charity.

Meanwhile, their leader, Donald Trump, is under two very real and damning indictments backed with documented facts provided almost entirely by people who worked for him, were loyal to him, are related to him, and he himself. No Democrats, media, or mystery anonymous whistleblower necessary.