Convicted felon Roger Stone personally thanked outgoing President Donald Trump for rewarding him with a pardon this week during a holiday party in Florida, further rubbing in that he got away with committing crimes during the Russia investigation.

A jury found Stone guilty on a seven-count indictment of obstructing justice, witness tampering and multiple counts of lying to Congress in November 2019. But Stone did not serve a single day in prison despite even threatening the life of the federal judge overseeing his trial.

Instead, Trump commuted Stone’s sentence, a decision that caused an uproar among career prosecutors and legal experts across the country. The commutation came after Stone suggested he would turn against Trump if he went to prison.

Only after the election did Trump pardon Stone, a final reward to a minion who helped him steal the 2016 Election with help from the Russians.

Earlier this week, Trump patted Stone on the shoulder during a holiday party in Palm Beach in which he personally thanked Trump.

“I did see the president last night in passing at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach,” Stone admitted to ABC News before describing his interaction with Trump and attacking every aspect of his conviction.

“My wife and I both had the opportunity to thank the president personally for righting the injustice of my conviction in a Soviet-style show trial, which featured the epic bias of the judge who withheld exculpatory evidence from my defense, misconduct by the jury forewoman and substantial misconduct by the prosecutors.

The president decided to dine at the club with his son Donald Trump Jr., Kimberley Guilfoyle, Eric Trump and his wife Lara Trump. Because of his decision to sign the stimulus bill, it was unclear whether the president would dine at the club, which he normally does on Sunday nights when he is visiting Mar-A-Lago.”

None of Stone’s claims about his trial and conviction are true. He received a fair trial and should have been sent immediately to prison upon conviction. President-Elect Joe Biden should reverse this lame-duck pardon when he takes office on January 20th. The only reason Trump pardoned Stone was to buy his silence and that invalidates it.

This is a serious miscarriage of justice and abuse of presidential pardons that must not be allowed to stand.

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