Outgoing President Donald Trump now wants a military base to bear his name after months of refusing to change the names of bases bearing the names of Confederate generals.

Trump is obsessed with slapping his name on everything. It’s the ultimate kind of narcissism and vanity.

For several months now, Trump has whined considerably about the National Defense Authorization Act because it included an bipartisan amendment mandating that several bases named after Confederate generals change their names. He would go on to veto the bill, but Congress would override him, the first time one of his vetoes have been rejected.

Now Trump is musing about one of those bases—Fort Benning— being named after him, which he did at a rally in Georgia ahead of the run-off election that will determine control of the Senate.

“Give me a couple of names,” Trump asked his supporters before getting the response he obviously wanted.

“Fort Trump! Yeah, how about that?” Trump continued. “I like that. Yeah, let’s change the name. Let’s change it. Kelly [Loeffler], let’s change it. If they name it Trump, let’s change it.”

Seriously, Trump only supports a name change if the name is changed to his own. But his name is far too polarizing and would only be replacing one racist traitorous name for another. After all, Trump has literally referred to dead American soldiers as “suckers” and “losers,” and has frequently insulted our military despite claiming to respect our troops. Naming Fort Benning after Trump would be disgraceful.

Of course, it’s not the first time Trump has wanted something named after him. Last month, he asked aides about getting an airport named after him and has also inquired about having his name on an aircraft carrier.

The Daily Beast reported:

One of the two sources relayed that, in the past three weeks, Trump mentioned that “no president” wants an American airport that has a bad reputation or crumbling infrastructure named after them. The other knowledgeable source said that Trump had, at one point since the 2020 election, offhandedly asked what kind of “paperwork” was necessary to get an airport named after a former president…This source also said that they’d once heard President Trump ramble about what kind of Navy aircraft carrier he’d want commissioned and christened as the “USS Donald Trump” in the years following his time in office.

Trump is a one term president who should be prosecuted and locked in prison for various crimes. He is the most scandalous president in history and his name should be shamed and forgotten.

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