Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) treated Americans like fools again on Saturday when he attended the Kentucky Derby prior to appearing on Fox News to claim the Republican Party is the “blue-collar party.”

In yet another example of poor optics, Cruz and his wife attended the Kentucky Derby and appear to have been seated in a suite that costs thousands of dollars, something that most Americans cannot afford. Cruz also apparently bet on some horses, something else that most Americans cannot afford to do, though it’s not clear how much money Cruz gambled and lost. The fact is, however, that he can afford to gamble and lose without having to worry about paying his bills and buying groceries.

Of course, he bragged about attending the event on Twitter:

Horse racing tends to be an event that skews toward people of means, not blue-collar workers who scrape and claw to get by. Yet Cruz dared to pretend that his party fights for blue-collar workers.

“We ought to support the little guy,” Cruz said on Fox News. “We ought to support the small business owner, we ought to support the working men and women. Our party is a blue-collar party. Our party are the truck drivers and steelworkers and waiters and waitresses and cops and firefighters — the men and women with calluses on their hands, that’s who we’re fighting for. That’s who we should be fighting for.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Not only does Cruz still worship disgraced former President Donald Trump, who lives at a multi-million dollar resort in Palm Beach with a golf course, but Cruz also voted for Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy that actually raised taxes on the rest of us, including the blue-collar workers he claims to fight for. Let’s also not forget that Cruz and the GOP didn’t care about the police officers who had to defend the Capitol on January 6th when they incited an insurrection to overthrow democracy.

Cruz also attended private high schools and attended Ivy League universities. He doesn’t know what it’s like to be a blue-collar worker. And when he should have been helping Texas during a deadly winter storm earlier this year, he fled the state for a ritzy hotel in sunny Cancun, abandoning every blue-collar worker and family in the process, leaving them to freeze.

If Cruz really cared about blue-collar Americans, he would support President Joe Biden’s infrastructure and childcare plans instead of opposing both. Clearly, he thinks Americans are stupid.

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