Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) is being held accountable for failing to do her job for the American people, and she is now throwing a hissy fit about it.

Sinema turned her back on the Democratic Party and her own voters this year by refusing to back ending the filibuster and has joined Republicans at every turn to block Democratic legislation, particularly the infrastructure bill that would fund child care, education, and other things Americans need. Sinema even gleefully gave a thumbs down vote against raising the minimum wage, breaking a key promise she made to get elected.

Despite her poll numbers crashing and Democrats in her home state organizing to primary her, Sinema has continued selling out to corporations and the rich. Arizonans are understandably angry about this, and they responded to protesting Sinema during her visit to Arizona State University on Sunday. Rather than face the protesters, Sinema cowardly hid in a bathroom.

She would go on to release a statement attacking the protests.

Sinema is being held accountable for her despicable behavior in Congress and she doesn’t like it. If she had kept the promises she had made when running for the Senate this protest would never have happened at all. She only has herself to blame.

Twitter users certainly were not sympathetic to Sinema since she’s turned out to be nothing more than a corporate shill.

At this point, Sinema might as well put an “R” next to her name because she’s definitely not a Democrat. What she really should do, however, is step aside in 2024 so a real Democrat can take her place.

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