If you thought you’d heard about all of the nonsensical things former Trump administration staffers can possibly say now that their boss is no longer in the White House or even marginally relevant, former Trump staffer Stephen Miller may have earned the title of Conspiracy Theorist of the Year with what he told Fox News host Larry Kudlow on Sunday.

Appearing on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Miller couldn’t resist referencing a phone call President Joe Biden had with parents where a man used the phrase “Let’s go Brandon,” which Biden repeated. The expression is commonly used by conservatives and right-wingers as a way of saying “F*ck Joe Biden.”

“Here’s my theory and I’m being completely forthright when I say this. I believe that Joe Biden is controlled by his staff and his aides. And not just senior staff. I think mid-level aides in the White House.

“You know, the recent incident that people made a great deal of fun about — well, they should have — where Joe Biden said ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ during Christmas. To me, reveals something much more insidious, which is that he doesn’t know about the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ meme because he doesn’t consume any of his own information. He’s completely sheltered and controlled by his staff.”

Then again, it could also mean that Biden was repeating the remark as a subtle way of co-opting it and removing whatever slight power it might have. After all, the current president is known to have a stellar, self-deprecating sense of humor and isn’t afraid to laugh at himself.

Miller added that Trump was always in control of the situation when he was still in office:

“[Trump would] bring us into the Oval and say, ‘I read this report, I read this report, I read this report, I saw this, I saw this, I saw this, I want reaction, I want analysis. It’s completely the opposite with Biden. He’s totally shaped and controlled by staff and has no inputs but what they give him. So they see him, his own staff sees him as a vessel to implement these AOC-style, soft-on-crime, no-borders, massive-taxation, massive-welfare, no-American-energy policies.

“He’s their vessel and we’re all suffering as a result.”

Yeah, sure, Stephen. We all read the reports of Trump not even reaching the Oval Office until afternoon, having spent half the day up in the residence watching cable news watching, stewing, and tweeting at what was being said about him on CNN and MSNBC. Not to mention that he was so afraid of reading that his briefings had to be filled with pictures and illustrations to make him understand what was being presented to him.

Also, how does Miller even have a clue what goes on inside the Biden White House? He has no inside source and is just speculating, which means his theory is as vapid and ephemeral as his so-called “career” in Washington.

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