Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) took to Twitter on Friday to rail against President Joe Biden’s plan to restore America’s middle class.

Biden’s address to Congress on Wednesday focused a lot on the economy, including his proposed tax hikes on the wealthy to pay for infrastructure and childcare plans that invest trillions of dollars and create millions of jobs for Americans.

But McConnell attacked Biden’s vision for America and complained about Democrats seeking to create better lives for the people.

The tax hikes Biden has proposed would be levied on the wealthiest Americans and corporations. And McConnell is a hypocrite when it comes to “imposing a vision” considering he orchestrated a coup on the Supreme Court and passed a massive tax cut for the rich back in 2017 that was so unpopular that Republicans abandoned it as a campaign talking point. Biden’s proposed tax hikes on the wealthy, meanwhile, are overwhelmingly popular.

Biden’s infrastructure plan would create millions of jobs and finally tackle our crumbling roads and bridges while beginning a shift toward clean energy. Transforming our energy and transportation grids is crucial if our nation is to compete with China.

Biden’s childcare plan is also desperately needed in this country and is something that would benefit working parents across the nation.

Americans mocked McConnell for opposing a vision that actually helps Americans.

Republicans could have offered this same vision to Americans when they held the levers of power, but they didn’t because they only care about themselves and their wealthy donors. The only political party in America that actually cares about helping the people is the Democrats. Their legislation proves it. And that’s the real reason why McConnell is whining.

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